Top 5 richest women Hispanic entrepreneurs

Hispanic Women

While we are still moving towards gender equality and women empowerment, there are some successful women entrepreneurs have already set up the pace. These women are always trying to spike a balance between their careers and managing their businesses. Every young lady aims at being a successful entrepreneur. With business inspirations from these women, more so, from the Hispanic community, you can never go wrong!

Here is a list of the top five wealthiest Hispanic women entrepreneurs;

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is a Colombian born actress ranked as the second World’s highest-paid actress of 2019, earning 44.1 million dollars. She became famous after her successful participation in the TV show Modern Family.

Sofia is an incredibly successful entrepreneur. She owns a multi-dollar company, Latino world Entertainment. Her company acts as a talent agency aiming at nurturing Latin talent in Hollywood.

Sofia Vergara earns multi-million dollars from endorsement deals done in Spanish and English. She has also ventured into other entrepreneurial ventures where she owns a denim brand, a fragrance line, and a furniture line.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba owns Honest Company, which is best known for providing useful baby and personal care products. . Besides being a globally recognized business leader, she is also an advocate and actress.

Jessica Alba is also an author of the Honest Life book. She offers a practical guide to which aims at creating a healthy life for families.  She was recognized as New York’s best-selling author.

Luiza Helena Trajano

 Luiza is a 68-year-old Brazilian with an accumulated fortune of 3,000 million dollars. She is among the 775 world billionaires. Her parents owned a retail store called Magazine Luiza. Luiza went under apprenticeship to take care of their Family business.

She later became the business’s chief executive officer, which has recorded high growth in online sales and more branches.

Kat Von D

Rarely do we hear successful stories of a 16-year-old quitting school to become a tattoo artist, but that is Kat Von D’s journey. She had an interest in music and art and, eventually, her career as a tattoo artist.

Kat has moved to the cosmetics industry from her successful tattoo career and launched her self-named make-up line for Sephora.   Her make-up brand is entirely vegan and attracting lots of clients.

Kat Von D is an incredible entrepreneur who inspires to embrace their beauty, unleashing their best self.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is a co-founder of both Cooler Cleanse and Blend it yourself companies. Although she is a good actress, producer, and model, Salma decided to indulge in entrepreneurship. In 2008, she partnered with Eric Helm, the founder of Juice Generation, to create two wellness companies.

Salma and Helm founded Cooler Cleanse, a juice delivery company. Cooler Cleanse provides organic juices that help in their client’s weight loss journey. They also developed their second company, Blend It Yourself. Its primary focus is delivering natural smoothie mixes used either as a drink or for face masking.

The duo aims at creating products that make your skin look healthy and look your best.